26 September 2014

Wiz Khalifa Allegedly Links Amber Rose to Nick Cannon, Jammie Foxx and Her Driver

    "  We just spoke with one of Wiz Khalifah’s homies – who tells us that Wiz suspects that Amber Rose was CHEATING ON HIM with multiple men THROUGHOUT THE COURSE OF THEIR MARRIAGE.

    " The list of men who Wiz suspects were SMASHING HIS WIFE include FAMOUS ACTOR Jamie Foxx, Nick Cannon, and a popular Los Angeles model photographer. But not every person that Wiz suspects was SMASHING HIS WIFE is famous.

    MediaTakeOut.com EXCLUSIVELY reports that Wiz suspects that Amber and her assistant/chaueffer carried on an elicit affair. You remember the guy . . . he’s the one who we said coincidentally looked like Amber’s son Sabastian.

    LAWWWWWDDDD this divorce is about to get MESSSY . . . we’re talking FILTHY . . . NASTY . . . SUCIO!!!

This is getting out of hand. Guys please behave for Sebastine’s sake!

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