22 October 2014


This message was sent to me by a fan and it was so touching that i have no other option than to share with every body. Please take your time to go through it and help her dieing father in any little way you can. I don't know the person but am doing it because of God, You too should do the same. Save a soul today and make your life here on earth a meaningful one.
 This is the message below. or read it here http://www.gofundme.com/adesola

It feels like yesterday, but about 3 years ago I remember my dad making every possible investment and liquidating most of his asset just because he wanted me to have a standardize foreign education. Unknowingly to him that the same year after I left for school he would be struck by a heartbreaking illness. Unfortunately, it took about 2 years to detect the actual illness -- moving from one hospital to the other; for one x-ray to another the sickness was still nameless. My family had no choice but to start looking for help abroad, consistently sending his MRI result to an extended family abroad. Finally there was an answer; my father was diagnosed with lymphoma. This changed a lot in my family’s lifestyle, from nowhere came agonizing struggle; both emotionally and physically. I had to transfer to a less expensive college mostly because it would break my dad’s heart if I dropped out of college. Still yet we had little hope. With a few loans from friends, savings, and help from relations, we were able to send him to India, since coming to America was unaffordable. The financial struggle became more and more unbearable because my family had to struggle between paying for my education and that of my father’s health and living expenses. Furthermore, help from my country was not an option because there are little or no health insurance or student education loans. 

My father is presently in a stable condition, still in India, however we are still looking to raise funds so he could continue chemo, radiation, and bone marrow transplant. I am also doing well; with God’s grace I have been able to make it to my junior year even though with outstanding fees.  But for God, family, and friends, my family and me have been able to make it through 3 tough years. 

With my father’s story, I would also hope to raise cancer awareness, and to expose the struggle of not having health and education loans/insurance in my country – Nigeria. Since there are many people like my dad and I who should have had an early diagnoses of cancer but, due to unaffordable healthcare or little expertise in the cancer field, the patient lose their lives or due to no education loans, drop out of school. 

The money gotten from this fundraiser would solely go to my father’s health, living expenses in India, and provide the means to finally go visit him. In addition, we are considering moving him to the United States. Help my dad fight cancer, thank you for any help, including spreading the word. I love my dad so much and it would mean the world for my family and me if he walks out of the hospital cancer free.  He is my biggest inspiration and he continues to push me to do things I’ve never expected to overcome. I am what people call my father’s daughter, “the apple of his eye.” My family and I really appreciate your help.


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