1 October 2014

Happy 54th Nigeria!”- Watch Sterling Bank customer send heart felt Independence Day messages

Sterling Bank has given its customers the chance to make a wish for Nigeria as it celebrates its 54th Independence Day Anniversary today; October 1, 2014.

Filled with hope for the future and voicing words of prayer; customers captured from different branches, wished for better leadership, a more secured nation, good health for their fellow Nigerians, and a nation free of Ebola amongst other things.

 Customers admitted that irrespective of the country’s present situation; it was not time to give up and were mostly grateful that the nation still existed.

A favorite line from the video was customer’s simple yet heart-warming pronouncement; he said “I wish Nigeria the best, being the only country that I have

From ‘The One Customer Bank’: Happy Independence Day Nigeria.

Sterling Bank Plc. is a leading commercial bank in Nigeria and one of the country’s fastest growing banks. Originally incorporated in 1960 as NAL Bank (the country’s first investment banking franchise), it acquired the operations of the erstwhile Equitorial Trust Bank in November 2011 in pursuit of its growth and expansion plans. The bank currently operates out of 165 branches, about 4,648 POS and 241 ATMs across the Nigeria.

Watch the commercial below...

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