8 September 2014

Fashion: Kendall Jenner's Runway Evolution (PHOTOS)

Kendall Jenner wowed us during her first-ever haute couture show at Chanel. And now, during New York Spring Fashion Week, she's continuing to own the runways, first at Diane von Furstenberg and today, at Tommy Hilfiger. Here, Kendall Jenner's best fashion show moments to date. See Photos after the cut...

Rihanna’s 6 Best Statement-Lip Looks: In Celebration of New M.A.C. Viva Glam Lipstick

Is there anyone who can pull off an endless lineup of fearless looks quite like Rihanna? She’s earned her title as a beauty chameleon with the finesse of a quick-change artist—thanks in part to one style-defining constant: a swipe of statement-making lipstick.

Whether she’s taking us back to the days when Salt-n-Pepa’s Whatta Man video had us stocking up on an arsenal of matte chocolate-brown shades, matching her lips to a fluorescent-fuchsia Helmut Lang dress, or making an impossible shade of malachite feel chic, in Rihanna’s world, no color is off-limits.

Drake’s Newest Signee, ILoveMakonnen, Talks about Shania Twain and Miley Cyrus

If you’ve been reading music blogs lately, you will not be surprised that, last week, rap’s biggest star, Drake, signed a 25-year-old relative unknown called ILoveMakonnen to his OVO Sound record label: Even without much mainstream industry attention or support, the Atlanta-based artist has been fawned over on the Internet for his unusual self-titled EP since its release in July.

His unassuming, highly personal songs, like “I Don’t Sell Molly No More” and “Club Goin Up On A Tuesday,” done in his signature croon-rap, have become underdog anthems. And writers have pored over the details of his unlikely rise—from his house arrest after the death of his friend to Drake himself jumping on “Tuesday” with his own verse. Here, Makonnen gives us a playlist of songs that influence his sound and talks about life post-Drake, the influence of Shania Twain on his music, and what it was like to hear a demo of Miley Cyrus singing his song.

TB Joshua warns about Plane Hijack, Prophesies about Pope Francis

Just last week, he prophesied Obama will be rushed to a hospital but will recover, a big Nigerian shot will be killed by Boko Haram. On Sunday 7 September, 2014,TB. Joshua said he had a revelation about Pope Francis even though he didn't give  details said the revelation was alarming.

“I have been praying for him… They should pray for him,”   The clergyman I am talking about is the Pope.” Pope Francis.

Hundreds of fans storm Australian airport to catch a glimpse of Kim & Kanye

Kim and Kanye are currently in Australia where Kanye is performing some shows. Kanye performed at Adelaide Hindmarsh Stadium on Sunday night and this morning, the power couple headed to the local airport to fly out to Melbourne for Kanye's next performance.

When fans heard, through social media, that Kim and Kanye will be flying commercial and will be passing through the airport, they stormed Adelaide airport to catch a glimpse of the couple. Of course, Kim and Kanye were escorted through the airport by bodyguards and several members of the Australia Federal Police. And according to reports, Kim was especially nice to the fans who came out to see them. Some school children even left school to go to the airport. See more pics after the cut...

Actress Angela Okorie’s Son’s Birthday Party (Photos)

Nollywood actress Angela Okorie’s son Chamberlain turned 3 yesterday and his proud mum threw him a birthday party. He’s soo adorable. Scroll down to see more photos...

Terry G, the Rapman reacts to reports that he's retiring from music

The veteran rapper was reported to have said he's retiring from music.

He took to his twitter page to dispel the reports which is obviously false because he recently dropped a hot new single titled,GOD and is gearing up to drop another with Skales ....

King To Be Prince William and Kate Middleton expecting second child

The Duchess of Cambridge and her husband Prince William are expecting their second child.

A Rare Respiratory Virus Targets Children in Severe Outbreak Across US

Hospitals in Denver, Illinois and clusters of the Midwest have reported an outbreak of what health officials believe is a rare and serious respiratory illness. The virus, which is believe to have started in California, is said to be related to both the human enterovirus 68 (HEV68) and the human rhinovirus which is also known as the common cold.

Time Magazine reports, “HEV68, which almost uniquely affects children, tends to first cause cold-like symptoms, including body aches, sneezing and coughing. These mild complaints then worsen into life-threatening breathing problems that are all the more dangerous to children with asthma. Since viruses do not respond to antibiotics, hospitals have treated the illness with asthma therapies.”

See Husband and Wife Who Look Like Identical Twins

Look who’s causing a huge controversy in Russia these days!

Meet Alison Brooks (on the left), who married Alina Davis (right).

How is this possible in a country where same-$ex weddings are banned, violence against homosexuals is on the rise, and homosexuality was only declassified as a mental illness in 1999?

Apkos is not FUNNY! WATCH Adventure of Apkors the comedian... He's Just Acting

Do you really think this guy is that funny? cos I've been watching some of his videos and I don't know if I laugh because of his stupidity or if it is the background laughter that is makes me to laugh....

Watch and feel free to share your views in the comment... You can also sample opinion from your friends by sharing this post. Happy viewing.

Below are some of his popular funny videos. Watch after the cut...

P-Square releases New album Cover and track list - Double Trouble

P-Square just released the track list of their new album, Double Trouble, which is their 6th studio album.
It will drop on Sept. 12th and features a collaboration with T.I, Jermaine Jackson, and Awilo.