26 January 2015

Wonders!!!Woman turns 40, had no man...and decided to marry herself.

Yasmin Eleby from Houston, Texas promised herself when she was much younger that if she hit 40 and wasn't married, she would marry herself. And so when she hit 40 recently and wasn't married and didn't even have a man, she kept that promise to herself. Yasmin threw herself a full wedding, complete with a candlelit ceremony.
 She had her mum walk her down the aisle, and had her sister who is a minster, help her say vows, in a spiritual ceremony - because you can't legally marry yourself in America. Her other three sisters were her bridesmaid and her friends attended. The wedding took place at Huston Museum of African American Culture (HMAAC), on Saturday, January 3, 2015. See the photos after the cut...

John Legend & Christy Teigen in Sensual GQ Valentine shoot

The sexy couple went all romantic for the latest Valentine shoot for GQ magazine ...Too hot

How To Become A Member of Goldmine Resource Center From Anywhere You Are

Goldmine Resource Center  (Also Goldmine Liberty Concept Ltd) has relaunched a new platform in Nigeria. This is to help resolve some bottleneck formerly experienced in the old platform.

The new platform boast of more functionality and profitability with the modification of the compensation plan from "3x3 Matrix" to "3x4 Matrix" now offering members on Gold Fund Cooperative a whooping N2,500,000 on cycle out against the former N864,000 with the old system. 

This is sure a major breakthrough in trending home based businesses especially in Nigeria since it has no inventory (buying and selling of products) and tasking monthly auto-ship/ PV/BV etc whatever you want to call it. Goldmine Liberty is revolutionary platform where you can start small with as low as $25 (N4,000) and earn as much as $15,625 (N2,500,000) or more.

Angelina Jolie Meets Victims of ISIS in Iraq (Photos)

Angelina Jolie visited victims of ISIS today and has called on the world's leaders to do more to bring an end to the conflict in Syria and Iraq. 

The actress made the comments in her role as special envoy of the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees, while visiting a Kurdish refugee camp in Dohuk, northern Iraq. The camp is currently home to tens of thousands of Yazidis and other refugees who have been forced to abandon their homes in Mosul, which has been invaded by the Islamic State. Angelina said: