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Here is a list of the top ten richest actors in the world. They are famous in varying degrees — but all have made huge fortunes in their careers. Some have been paid huge amounts for individual movies, while many have gone into directing and producing to supplement their incomes.

Some have also gone into other areas of business, or made good investments during the lifetimes. Many have gone from rags to riches. Let’s look at the top ten richest actors in the world, counting down to number one.

10 Arnold Schwarzenegger

Net Worth: $300million
Native Country: Austria/USA
Arnie is one of the richest actors on the planet. Pic credit: Gage Skidmore CC BY-SA 2.0

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s resume is pretty impressive — from world champion body builder, to Hollywood action star, to Governor of California. But he hasn’t always led a charmed life. Arnie was born in 1947 in Austria to an alcoholic police chief father who was a member of the Nazi Party and favored his brother, who was bigger and stronger than the then gangly Arnold.

He says his father beat and intimidated him and never supported his desire to become a body builder. As an escape, Arnie would turn to the movies, which fueled his desire to go to America. His chance came following his involvement in body building. He won the Mr Universe title at age 20, and later won the Mr Olympia competition seven times.

Due to his impressive physical appearance, Arnie was chosen for a few small parts in action films in the early 70s. A hugely successful career in the movies then followed, spanning five decades and several blockbuster hits including the Terminator series.

Arnie found a love of politics later in his career and in 2003 ran for and won the governorship of California. He resumed his movie career after his second term as Governor. Arnold’s annual salary as Governor was $175,000, while many of his films grossed him $25million per picture, including $30million for his role in Terminator 3.

9 Adam Sandler

Net Worth: $300 million
Native Country: USA
Adam Sandler. Pic credit: Franz Richter. CC BY-SA 3.0

Adam Sandler was born in Brooklyn, New York, into a working class Jewish family. He is the third of four siblings. As a child, he had to seek help to overcome a speech impediment, which as an adult still emerges if he becomes overly upset or stressed.

His family moved to New Hampshire when he was six and he enrolled in a theater program, before receiving a Fine Arts and Drama degree from New York University. TV series The Cosby Show casted him from 1985 to 1989, and this propelled him into other roles.

He also did stand-up in many comedy shops in Boston and LA, including Saturday Night Live. He left Saturday Night Live in 1995 to take on movie roles and he has been working ever since, featuring in several hits including Waterboy and Happy Gilmore.

He has also produced a few well-received films including Grown Ups 2. His awards include A Kid’s Choice Award, a Golden Globe, three Oscars, and two British Academy Film Awards.

8 Johnny Depp

Net Worth: $350 million
Native Country: USA
Johnny Depp. Pic credit: Andy Templeton CC BY 2.0

John Christopher Depp II was born in 1963 in Florida. He came from a close-knit family, with a father who was a city engineer and a mother who worked as a waitress. He has a brother who works in the industry and two sisters, one of whom is his personal manager. School did not challenge Johnny so he left at age 15 to become a rock musician.

He fronted many garage bands until, a few years later, he was introduced to actor Nicholas Cage who helped him get his first screen roles, such as in A Nightmare on Elm Street and 21 Jump Street, where he received $45,000 per episode.

Top directors like Tim Burton and Wes Craven loved his dark and eccentric side and cast him in many financially popular movies. Despite the press often being very critical of Depp’s roles, he has amassed millions of fans worldwide making him a box office bonanza.

Johnny grossed over  $200million alone for his role in the Pirates of the Caribbean series.  Throughout his career he has received much acclaim, including a Golden Globe award, but he has never been given an Oscar. He states that he does not watch any of his films, and his favorite love is still music.

7 Tom Hanks

Net Worth: $350 million
Native Country: USA
Tom Hanks. Pic credit: Bo Gordy-Stith CC BY-SA 2.0

Thomas Jeffrey Hanks was born in Concord, California, in 1956 to parents who divorced when he was five years old. His father was a chef, who raised him and an older brother and sister. The family became nomads, finally settling in Oakland.

His desire for acting came when he saw Eugene O’Neil’s The Iceman Cometh. He enrolled in the California State University theater program and was recruited to play roles in theater plays in Ohio. He later dropped out of school and moved to New York City, where he landed several minor roles until his career took off in the mid-80s.

He has since starred in several Oscar-winning movies as well as voice over roles and blockbuster hits including the Da Vinci Code and Forrest Gump. Today he can demand millions per picture, and has also directed and produced a string of movies.

6 Clint Eastwood

Net Worth: $375 million
Native Country: USA
Clint Eastwood. Pic credit: Siebbi CC BY 2.0

Clint Eastwood was born Clinton Eastwood Jr. in 1930 in San Francisco, as the son of a steelworker. He found work in many B-films and TV series in the 50s, before gaining more recognition by starring in Italian spaghetti westerns in the 60s. The 70s were some of his best film years, when he played in hits including Play Misty For Me and Every Which Way But Loose.

The 80s and 90s were also rewarding, with Clint starring in several big-grossing films. Even a four-year film hiatus did not tarnish his star later in his career, as he grossed $30million for the film Gran Torino in 2008.

His initial roles paid him around $100 each, but by the early 90s he was grossing huge sums, including $7million for his work in the 1993 movie In The Line of Fire. Clint is also an acclaimed filmmaker and director, and has won four Academy Awards and three Golden Globes.

5 Jack Nicholson

Net Worth: $400 million
Native Country: USA
Jack Nicholson. Pic credit: TRF_Mr_Hyde CC BY 2.0

Jack Nicholson is one of Hollywood’s most respected and heralded actors. He was born in New Jersey in 1937 as John Joseph Nicholson, Jr. His mother was a beautician and his father was a self-employed painter and window dresser.

But his father later left the family and Jack was raised by his mother and two sisters. He did well in school and studied drama. After graduating, he moved in with his sister June in Los Angeles. He took a job as a gopher at MGM Studios while taking acting lessons before his first break came in 1958 in film The Cry Baby Killer.

His movie career then took off and he continues to work today, as well as remaining a confirmed bachelor. He got paid $12,500 for the 1970 movie You Can See Forever. In 1975 he made $1million after starring in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’ Nest and he made $12.5 million for 1976 hit Missouri Breaks. His pictures continue to soar later in his career, with his role in 2003 Anger Management earning him $20million.

4 Tom Cruise

Net Worth: £500million
Native Country: USA
Tom Cruise. Pic credit: Gage Skidmore CC BY-SA 2.0

Tom Cruise was born Thomas Cruise Mapother IV to a father who was an electrical engineer, and a schoolteacher mother. His parents were always moving to keep work, taking him and his three sisters with them. He did not get along with his father, whom he considered to be a bully.

At age 14 he joined a Franciscan seminary, but after a year he left before attending a high school in Louisville, Kentucky, where he became interested in acting and took on several lead roles. After graduating high school, he headed to New York City, where he studied drama with renowned coaches.

His film debut came in 1981 in Taps, where he gained immediate recognition as a strong actor — and he hasn’t stopped since. The industry has honored Tom with three Golden Globe awards, and three Oscar nominations. His highest grossing films have included Mission Impossible ($180million); A Few Good Men ($141million); Rain Man ($172million); Top Gun ($176million); Jerry Maguire ($158million); The Firm ($158million); and Mission Impossible 2 ($215million).

3 Shahrukh Khan

Net Worth: $600 million
Native Country: India
Shahrukh Khan. Pic credit: Thore Siebrands CC BY 3.0

Shahrukh Khan is also nicknamed the King Khan of Bollywood. He was born and raised in India’s capital Delhi and has a Masters Degree in Mass Communication. He is the richest actor in India. Shahrukh began his career in TV and has since worked in over 75 Hindi films.

He also owns various business ventures that add to his wealth, including a successful cricket team. Shahrukh is a legend in his home country and is highly sought-after to as a presenter at ceremonies across the country. His films have included the romantic and Indian patriotic films DDLJ, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Swades, and Chak de India. He is a keen football, cricket and hockey player.

2 William Shatner

Net Worth: $650 million
Native Country: Canada
William Shatner. Pic credit: Gage Skidmore CC BY-SA 2.0

Canadian actor William Shatner was born in 1931 to Joseph and Anne Shatner in Quebec, and was raised in a Conservative Jewish environment. He got into acting after joining a Canadian playhouse and studying as a Shakespearean actor.

Since 1958 he has worked in a string of films and on Broadway, but he shot to fame in his role as Captain Kirk in the cult television classic Star Trek. Shatner has also written many fiction and non-fiction books. In 1997, he was chosen to be the spokesman for and he has made the bulk of his fortune from this success. He is also an acclaimed Emmy and Golden Globe award winner, and is still working as an actor today.

1 Mel Gibson

Net Worth: $800 million
Native Country: USA
Mel Gibson. Pic credit: drcliffordchoi CC BY 2.0

Mel Colum-Cille Gerard Gibson was born in Peekskill, New York, as the sixth of eleven children to his Irish Catholic parents Hutton Gibson and Anne Patricia. His parents were among the working poor, but in 1968 Hutton received $145,000 compensation from an injury at his work.

He immediately bought tickets to Australia for his whole family. Mel’s Aussie accent was acquired in 1968 when he moved down under and was teased by the locals about his US drawl. Gibson started his acting career in Australia, after graduating from the National Institute of Dramatic Art.

His success comes from his talents as an actor, director, screenwriter, and film producer. After he secured a name for himself as a good looking, talented actor, his earnings skyrocketed. He received $500,000 for his role in The River, $1.2 million for Mad Max, and $10million for Lethal Weapon 3.

In later years he began receiving more than $20million per film. His top grossing movies, which paid him over $25million each, were Lethal Weapon 4, The Patriot, We Were Soldiers, and Signs. Mel Gibson owns mansions in California, Costa Rica, and Malibu. He also owns an island in Fiji and has his own private jet.

This list of richest actors was last modified on July 8th 2014.

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