Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon WILL NEVER Get Back Together, Says Source...

Mariah Carey has been making hits since before Taylor Swift was born, but it seems the Elusive Chanteuse is now taking a page from Swifty's song book, because sources say that she and Nick Cannon are officially never, ever, ever getting back together.

Nick was spotted leaving Mariah's apartment Tuesday but insiders tell TMZ that he was just spending some time with his kids and discussing future custody arrangements.

Anonymous friends of Cannon's say the split was prompted by Nick's concern for Mariah's mental health, and thus far it's had the desired effect:

Nick and Mariah are reportedly getting along better than they have in years. More importantly, Mariah is more stable than ever, allowing her to provide the type of home environment that Cannon wants for his kids.

So, Nick revealed the separation to the press a little ahead of schedule. Other than that, it sounds everything is going according to plan.

In fact, it sounds like Nick and Mariah are better apart than they ever were together! They're making their kids the number one priority, and Nick actually accomplished his goal of helping Mariah regain her sanity by moving the hell out.

These two might be pulling off the most amicable split since Chris and Gwyneth!

Now if only Nick could get his dad to stop talking smack about Mariah.

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