Nick Cannon Fights For Chunk of $500 Mil Fortune - Mariah Carey Divorce ‘Done Deal’

The Mariah Carey divorce is reportedly a done deal, with TMZ reporting that a property settlement and custody agreement has been negotiated and finalized. In addition to liberal visitation with the couple’s two children, Nick Cannon stands to get a big chunk of Carey’s $500 million fortune. With four homes, a $5 million private jet and a lot full of pricey cars between them, the divorce settlement may make Cannon even wealthier than he already is.

Celebrity Net Worth states that Nick, 33, is not in the poor house with a personal net worth of around $20 million, but he stands to make major bank if he gets a piece of Mariah’s hefty bank account. She is reportedly worth well over $500 million, but In Touch recently reported that Mariah won’t be handing over her fortune “without a fight,” and is trying to keep Nick from cashing in on her wealth.

In Touch reports that the couple have been living apart for months, with rumors about Mariah Carey’s divorce popping up in the tabloids after Nick revealed his celebrity sex list on a radio show. TMZ reports that Mariah was “furious” when Nick went on Power 106 radio and rattled off a list of celebrities that he slept with, including Kim Kardashian, Christina Milian, and Nicole Scherzinger.

There are multiple reports that Mariah, 44, and Nick have been separated for months, but they still have not made a public statement about the split. The Daily Mail reports that Mariah and Nick appear to be having a “trial separation” while their Tribeca loft is being renovated, but sources seem to think that’s just a cover as they move towards a final divorce.

“They’re using the construction as a cover. They’re not living together because they can’t stand each other.”

When asked by In Touch about his divorce from Mariah, Nick kept his response to a minimum, responding with a tight-lipped, “No comment.” However, the tabloid’s sources state that Mariah is definitely ending the couple’s six year union and has had “several closed door meetings with divorce lawyers” and is spending time alone with her children.

While the Mariah Carey divorce is rumored to be a “done deal,” the details of the property settlement and custody agreement is still under wraps. With two children and millions of dollars worth of property to split up, there is no doubt that the final settlement will go down as one of the biggest in celebrity divorce history.