Nicki Minaj claims MTV VMAs wardrobe malfunction was real, but it was STAGED

Nicki Minaj wardrobe malfunction with dress unzipped, staged for attention Nicki Minaj is currently on Instagram sharing dozens of photos of her many looks from last night’s MTV Video Music Awards. She performed Anaconda and Bang Bang (and also performed with Usher) in some of the most talked about moments of the night.

During Bang Bang, Nicki appeared to be experiencing an issue with her dress, which appeared unzipped, and not on purpose. Immediately after the performance, Nicki yelled to reporters “You all know I had a wardrobe malfunction.” Adding, “We ran out of time getting the dress zipped up.” She continued making excuses on Instagram, writing, “God is good. As long as a n**ple didn’t come out to play, I’m fine.”

She also captioned the below fan Instagram photo, “Lol. Who did this? I know that’s what the boyz wanted but hell naw!!!!!!! I held on to that dress for DEAR LIFE!!! There was no bra and no panties to save me. Took real commitment.”

She wrote on another photo, “Love my team. CASPER, Rushka, Adam, Oscar, Joyce, Gee…Many more to name but they’re all winners!” “No weak links. There’s no greater feeling than having ppl who inspire u and who work passionately and relentlessly to get the job done,” added Nicki, who also wore Giuseppe Zanotti boots. “The myx is starting to make me feel real good right now. thank u to Slim, Richelle, Katina and the entire REPUBLIC team.”

However, now an eyewitness to the VMAs dress rehearsal says Nicki staged the whole moment right down to rehearsing the best way to walk around the stage with the same black dress almost completely unzipped. Despite claims she didn’t have time to zip the dress, a source tells TMZ that is not true. There was a special changing area next to the stage draped in black for Nicki to allow ample time to change costumes between Anaconda and Bang Bang. Here’s how the dress was supposed to look as seen in the VMAs press room.

MZ reports, “She walked on stage wearing the same dress — unzipped. One eyewitness says it caught her eye because she initially thought Nicki had come out in a robe.” The source added, “Nicki was wrapping her arms around the dress in a “weird” sort of way … trying to manipulate it to see how much would be exposed.”

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