6 Fascinating Facts About “Normal Men”

Of course, there is no one definition for what constitutes a "normal" guy. But that didn't stop Esquire from polling 1,032 men across the country on their behaviors, beliefs, and attitudes on various subjects. The results, which Esquire compiled into an article for male readers called "This is Normal," may surprise you.

Here are some of the more interesting findings from the survey:

44 percent of men say they only have a couple of friends who are women. (Although it's worth noting that 38 percent say half of their friends are female, and 13 percent say that "all or most" of their friends are women.)

66 percent of men say "I love you" to someone at least once a day. Awwww.

37 percent of men say they wouldn't enjoy going to a strip club—not even a little. (That's the same percentage of men who say they wouldn't enjoy playing golf. Go figure.)

24 percent of men say they've masturbated at work, but 9 percent say they've never even masturbated at home!

38 percent of men say that if a popular site posted a nude photo of a famous male celeb—be it an athlete, actor, or public figure—they would look. We knew it.

25 percent of men have gotten a manicure, and 22 percent have used concealer to cover up a blemish.

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