Boko Haram Terrorists Kill 20 In Borno, 6 In Cameroon

Reports have it that Boko Haram militants have killed at least 20 traders in Borno state and 6 other people in neighbouring Cameroon. Boko Haram terrorists are said to have launched an attack on a Borno market leaving at least 20 traders dead.

According to Sahara Reporters, a resident of Maiduguri, identified as Talatu Musa, said that the insurgents invaded Mainok Market at about 1.20pm, yesterday September 19, 2014, and opened fire on the traders. An unidentified number of people were also left injured by the incident.
Musa reportedly said: "I boarded a Hummer bus from Jos and as soon as we arrived Mainok, at exactly 1.20pm, we heard heavy gunshots from the western part of the market and sporadic gunshots followed.”

“Hundreds of traders and residents fled the market in confusion, running to cross the highway to the other side. Vehicles passing through the town were also making attempts to flee the town. Many people were killed," "As I am speaking with you I can't believe what I have seen today,"
Another eyewitness, James Bitrus said: "Many people may have been killed. I can't say the number precisely but many people were killed. From the way the militants were shooting at the crowd, the casualties should be many," "Vehicles were hitting one another and Boko Haram kept shooting," Meanwhile, AFP reports that the militants also attacked a village in the far north of Cameroon, killing 6 people.

According to an anonymous police source: "Boko Haram appeared yesterday (Thursday) around 1900 (1800 GMT) at Assighassia," "There followed an engagement between them and our soldiers. Two assailants were killed and one soldier was injured."

The insurgents were reportedly not deterred as they attacked another village, Ganse, two hours later and killed four people.
A local leader said: "They shot three people and slit the throat of another," "As soon as we heard shots fired, we climbed the fence to flee into the brush," he said." The people killed were buried (on Friday) morning and we are looking for ways to leave the village because our security is no longer guaranteed."

Cameroon shares a lengthy border with Nigeria, part of which is close to Borno state, leaving it subject to Boko Haram incursions. Thousands of Nigerians are also reported to have fled to the neighbouring country to escape the terrorists.

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