Drake’s Newest Signee, ILoveMakonnen, Talks about Shania Twain and Miley Cyrus

If you’ve been reading music blogs lately, you will not be surprised that, last week, rap’s biggest star, Drake, signed a 25-year-old relative unknown called ILoveMakonnen to his OVO Sound record label: Even without much mainstream industry attention or support, the Atlanta-based artist has been fawned over on the Internet for his unusual self-titled EP since its release in July.

His unassuming, highly personal songs, like “I Don’t Sell Molly No More” and “Club Goin Up On A Tuesday,” done in his signature croon-rap, have become underdog anthems. And writers have pored over the details of his unlikely rise—from his house arrest after the death of his friend to Drake himself jumping on “Tuesday” with his own verse. Here, Makonnen gives us a playlist of songs that influence his sound and talks about life post-Drake, the influence of Shania Twain on his music, and what it was like to hear a demo of Miley Cyrus singing his song.

What’s it been like since getting signed?
It’s been crazy, a lot of fast movement. It’s been so fast-paced, as fast as New York.

Are you going to move to New York now that you’re signed?
Yeah, I think in October. I’ve always wanted to be from New York. I’ve always loved New York. I love the mix: fashion, art, Broadway. Even when I was here in Atlanta, always had my eye on New York. I’m trying to move to the Upper East Side. I loved how it was chill at nighttime, not as much hustle, people kind of slow down there at night.

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