‘I Tried Dating Genevieve’ – Banky W Opens Up

Musician, Banky W was a guest on the "Rubbin Minds" show today and he opened up about his relationship status and the women he has crushed on.

The EME executive said that he had a huge crush on Genevieve Nnaji and even tried to go after her but it didn’t work.

He said:
"I tried but Genevieve is Genevieve. I had a big crush on her at one point but now we are really cool friends"

He also revealed that he had a big crush on Niyola but after he signed her to EME, she became like his little sister so there could be no relationship.

When asked if he is under pressure to get married, he said:
"I think that there is a certain pressure that society brings and probably even more so the Nigerian society.

So like your parents, once you graduate they start asking when you are going to get married so you can get me grandchildren...so it’s just the mentality but I think it’s probably an unhealthy obsession with weddings and probably not as great an obsession with healthy marriages and for me it’s like who you get married to or when you get married is one of the major decisions that you can make.

So its wiser that you do it when you are sure that you are ready and you have found the person that you want to do it with and so on and so forth rather than succumb to whatever pressure or whatever it is because nobody is going to live that life with you.

Nobody is going to wake up with the person for the rest of your life. So I don’t believe in that and I think my parents know me well enough to not....they know I don't respond to such things. So do I look forward to getting married?

Absolutely, but when the person and the time is right. I have friends who I went to school with who got married and are now divorced and I don't want that to be my story so I would rather wait, find the person, make myself right, make the person right and so on and so forth and do it right one time rather than try and fail and be married for 72 days"

Banky  also stated that he is not currently in a relationship because “those things are hard to do.”

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