Ibinabo Fiberisima: Actress Will Marry Her Soulmate In December

Actress Ibinabo Fiberisima has found love and will wed in December 2014.
President of Actors Guild of Nigeria, Ibinabo Fiberisima in an interview with City People Magazine opened up about the man in her life and their plans for a future together.
The sexy mother of five hinted that her husband-to-be is an Igbo man she studied with way back when she was a student at the University of Ibadan. Ibinabo says he is the reason she glows, refers to him as soulmate, friend and brother.
This is what the never been married mother had to say :
  " It's not that I suddenly found love, the love has been there and we have been best of friends since our school days at University of Ibadan and when we met again years after, we remained best of friends. His kids and mine have always been wondering how the both of us can be this close, almost like brother and sister. I think they planned it. They were like why don't you two just get married and we started thinking and after a while, we felt this is God telling us its time and that's it"
The 44 year old described the proposal as a beautiful one as both her kids and her fiancé's kids were pushing for them to make it official. " I think the kids planned it more than we did. That's how it is because the day he asked me, his kids were calling and the kids were all abroad while we were in Nigeria so everybody was eager to know my reply. The kids were like daddy have you asked, mine were also calling to say mummy hope you said yes''
She has affirmed that a December wedding in Port Harcourt is definite however no specific date has been set.

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