Iyanya: 10 Reasons Why 'Mr Oreo' Is Nigeria's Sexiest Man Alive

Iyanya's structured abs all wet

From his music to his looks, "Mr Oreo" has proven to be more concious of his looks than any other thing in his career.

Goodbye D'banj, Iyanya is the new SEXY in Nigeria! From his music to his looks, "Mr Oreo " has proven to be more concious of his looks than any other thing in his career. The "Made Men Music" record boss is not only well structured but he's got 9 other major factors to lead him atop of Nigeria's Sexiest Men's List including:

1. His Biceps: Iyanya works hard to get all he has but one thing that takes his most resources should be his arms. The singer could be lifting 20kg - 30kg dumb bell each day to achieve those strong, sexy looking biceps we see!

2. His Abs: Nothing is more attractive than citing a well-built shirtless guy on the beach or on TV and Iyanya takes the top spot in this category. His very flat and well-structured tablet abdomen can kill any woman on planet earth. Who wouldn't want her hands on that!?

3. His Flexible Waist: Lets remind our selves that his "Your Waist " hit track was written for nothing! Ofcourse it stermed from his own. Have you seen Iyanya wine that waist of his? Looks like rubbers and not veins are in there. Guess what that 'waist' can do in a bedroom?

4. He Can Sing: Which lady doesn't love a great singer? Atleast thats why we scream when they hit the stage. Iyanya can 
possibly sing his way into anything and gets what he wants. Oh! he won the prestigious Project Fame music competition back in 2009 and his songs make 'heads to swell' with ideas too!

5.He's Successful: In other words, dude is loaded! Iyana's rise to fame didn't come cheap but he's managed to rise to the top in the stiff Nigerian music buisness. He's got hits after hits and topped charts after chart in and out of his country. He makes money from music concerts and yes, endorsement deals! He's #2 on the 2014 Vanguard List of Highest Celebrity Earners in Nigeria making a whooping N151 million from endorsments alone!

6. He's Famous: With so much money and ability to sing and dance, why wouldn't Iyana be famous? From Nigeria, to the rest of Africa, Europe and even America, the singer's music has won him hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide (check out his social media followership alone). Just by mentioning the title of his records, women scream.

7. He's Intelligent: Iyanya went to school people! He is not dumb! Dude can speak eloquently and understands his environment even better! He's hardly ever quoted for the wrong things and that includes, bad business deals, drunk in public or bad english. He always seems to have the right things to say at any time. That's also called being smart! A rare factor in entertainment!

8. He's Single: Yes, he is not married to anyone we know of. He's a barchelor and trust many girls love it that way! He's free to flirt, play and seduce on stage and that gets his female fanbase on a steady rise.

9. He's Influencial: Given the fact that he's got a huge fanbase all over the world, Iyanya's personality and music has a hold on many young people. What he sings, says, wear and behaves is copied by many. Do you know how many people now eat 'Oreo' buscuit after his "Mr Oreo" talent hunt went viral online?

10. He's Got Eyes For Good Women: Yvonne Nelson, Yvonne Vixen Ekwere, Tonto Dikeh (allegedly) need we continue?

It's official, Iyanya is super duper SEXY!

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