TB Joshua to visit SA

TB Joshua, the preacher behind The Synagogue, Church of All Nations, is planning to travel to South Africa in the next few weeks in order to meet the families of loved ones who died when a building at his church collapsed, killing dozens of people
A guesthouse at his church collapsed on 12 September. More floors were being constructed on top of the existing three-story structure. Over 80 people were killed and many more trapped in the debris and injured.
It is thought that 349 South Africans were visiting the church in Lagos, Nigeria.

South Africa has sent a plane to Lagos to retrieve the survivors of the disaster. Eighty-four South Africans were killed.

During his weekly morning service, he told his congregation that he would travel to South Africa to meet the survivors and family, adding that he would also meet people who found it easier to visit South Africa. He said his visit would be "in memory of martyrs of faith", and the congregation observed a minute of silence for them.

The church was visited by Nigeria President Goodluck Jonathan on Saturday, and he promised to investigate the cause of the disaster and hold talks with stakeholders in the construction industry to find out how to prevent a repeat of the tragedy.

Joshua has blamed the incident on sabotage after he claimed a mysterious aircraft flew over the structure several times before it collapse

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