TB Joshua warns about Plane Hijack, Prophesies about Pope Francis

Just last week, he prophesied Obama will be rushed to a hospital but will recover, a big Nigerian shot will be killed by Boko Haram. On Sunday 7 September, 2014,TB. Joshua said he had a revelation about Pope Francis even though he didn't give  details said the revelation was alarming.

“I have been praying for him… They should pray for him,”   The clergyman I am talking about is the Pope.” Pope Francis.

He also said a plane will be hijacked but didn't state where but made reference to September11.

They will attempt to enter a plane. You will hear ‘Breaking News’ of a hijacker inside the plane that carried the plane from its original direction to another direction. We should pray so that it will not just end like that and we learn that there’s a crash.” “This is another big attempt they want to do.”

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