Ekiti State Governor Fayose Visits Beer Parlours on Fridays as Part of “Stomach Infrastructure”

Ekiti State governor Ayo Fayose has revealed that he loves visiting beer parlours every Friday as part of his “stomach infrastructure” initiative. According to Punch, he stated that stomach infrastructure goes beyond just giving people food and money – It is also about getting close to the “common man.” As a result, visiting bars every Friday enables him develop close bonds with his people.

“I  go to beer parlour on Fridays to stay with the common men there. Governance is not church; it is about diverse characters and you must relate with them as such.

Christmas is coming, why do people go out of their ways to be shopping or doing other things if it is not just to make people merry?

So, I’m grooming chicken, buying rice, yams, plantain, and the rest of them. I am sure if I give them to families during the festive period, they will be happy. So, stomach infrastructure is a way of life,” he said.

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