GEJ: No president or state governor should claim credit for containing Ebola in Nigeria

President Jonathan says no President or governor of any state should claim credit for containing the deadly Ebola virus in Nigeria. He says the credit should be given to Nigerians who cooperated while the epidermic lasted. President Jonathan said this yesterday October 16th while receiving heads of a charity foundation at the state house in Abuja.

"I am quiet pleased with what is happening because I believe that government alone cannot solve human problems and anything done by government when you involve the private sector and civil societies, it is always better.

There are success cases. The most recent is our ability to manage Ebola. The key thing that made Nigeria a success is the buying by the ordinary Nigerians. 

When government said look we must be mindful of gatherings, we must be mindful of handshakes, we should not move corpse unnecessarily. I was afraid churches would resist because of our practice of holy communion... over 1000 people would share the same cup and so on. 

Churches stopped that practice within that period. Even the saluting by shaping people across, all that was suspended..even religious organizations within that period. Nigerians became mindful...even friends stopped embracing themselves saying until we get out of Ebola. So it had the buying of the populace of course that's why we succeeded so fast otherwise we couldn't have...there is no magic government could have used to solve that problem. No President or state government should claim any credit. The credit should go to the ordinary Nigerian for the cooperation and the buying" he said

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