LINDA IKEJI Fooled us all...GOOGLE closure was all a set-up (SEE ALL EVIDENCE)

After proper assessment and investigations with Google Feeds and Mr Aye Dee, AFRO-NEWS.COM can confirm that Linda Ikeji fooled us all with the closure of her Blog.

Here are the basics and the reason, our team believe this was all a set up by Mr Aye Dee and Linda Ikeji.

1st... She accepted that Aye dee was instrumental in her development, how will he turn around to close the Blog?

2nd... We know that Google only respond to your complain 48 Hours after closure.

3rd... We also know that Google normally give you opportunity to contest closures, but facts can only be accessed after 48 Hours, because they contact the other Parties involved in the copyright issue.

4th... Google normally warn their users with infringement Issues, before they take any step to close their account. This is Part of their policy, and giving that Linda Ikeji is one of the Biggest Blog in Africa, they will surely warn her to remove the story, or reference the owners of the Post.


With all these Facts above, we know that Linda Ikeji Played us all and great thumb up to her , because this is the best way to boost your Business.

She will surely remain one of the best in Africa , because making news is the most important way to boost your business without advert. She and her Blog stayed on the spotlight for more than a week, and she is still trending, with everyone comparing their Blog to her´s.

Congrats Linda, just know that your trick is not new. we applaud your intellectual capacity. wow...


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