Riot at Kirikiri Maximum Prison in Lagos Today | Inmates Allegedly Escape

Earlier today, there was a riot and alleged jail break by prisoners at the famous Kirikiri Maximum Prison in Lagos. The Sun Newspaper is reporting the reason for the unrest as the following: “the inmates were fed up with what they described as highhandedness on the part of the new Deputy Controller at the Maximum Security Prison, DCP Kayode Odeyemi. They alleged that he stripped the inmates of all the privileges given to them by former controllers.

An inmate who spoke to Saturday Sun explained that before Odeyemi’s arrival, inmates were allowed to use their own generator sets, cook their food , make use of mobile phones and other privileges to make their stay in the prison comfortable but all these were withdrawn when Odeyemi resumed.”

The riot was contained after a few hours. While prison authorities claim no prisoners escaped and no causalities were recorded, there are conflicting reports from eye witnesses who claim that prisoners escaped while authorities were attempting to diffuse the situation.

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