The fabulous life of the rich!! Warri Billionaire, Ayiri Emami Gives Wife Customized Rolls Royce as Birthday Present

Warri billionaire and Oil magnate, Ayiri Emami celebrated his wife’s birthday yesterday, Thursday 23 October, by buying her a Rolls Royce – but not just that, he went further to customize the car specially for her. In the pictures posted his wife Asba Emami looks completely speechless and surprised and we don’t blame her. A customized Rolls Royce is quite a gift.

Earlier in the year, just as Valentines day was approaching we saw a number of Nigerian celebrities exchanging expensive gifts as a show of affection. It is refreshing to see that a couple that has been married for several years can still be so in love and going to far monetary lengths to show this.

Apart from being into oil & gas, Ayiri Emami also owns a music label called 911 Label.

Ladies, what do you think of Asba’s birthday gift?

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