Top-5 Scandals Of Mercy Johnson

Now Mercy Johnson Okojie is a happy mother of two gorgeous babies, but some time ago she was surrounded with all kinds of scandals and rumours.

1. Her real age

Famous Nollywood star recently mentioned that she is only 26 years of age. Meanwhile, the mother of the star claimed that her daughter was born in 1984. So we can just think about what is her real age. However, the day of birth is known for sure. It is August 28.

2. Filmmakers have mixed attitude towards her

“She collected so many jobs with money for the projects but was not able to execute all the jobs”, a Chairman of the marketers, Mr. Nobert Ajaegbu, revealed.

Mercy Johnson Okojie  was once sanctioned for breach of a contract. The actress was said to execute all the jobs for which she was paid in advance before she will be allowed to feature in any production.

3. Sometimes she forgets to dress up

Some time ago she hit the news headlines when she was pictured exposing her private part at an event. May be it was too hot outside or she was in a hurry, but a star several times was caught being on events without underwear.

4. She didn’t go to a university

Mercy failed the JAMB  exams. But it was one of the reasons on how she entered the world of Nollywood. So her lack of high education did not prevent her from becoming one of the most popular actresses in Nigeria.

5. Marriage changed her

Before she married to Prince Odi Okojie, she was surrounded by the image of ‘husband snatching girl’. But since 2011, when her marriage was arranged, she lived rather calm family life. So Mercy Johnson is one female actress that has managed to stir clear of controversies most especially sex scandals in the film industry in Nigeria. As for now she remains the highest paid Nollywood actress.

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