WHATS UR TAKE; Has The Church And Pastors Become A Problem?

Most popular controversial religious stories in media are concerning Islamic extremism, but there are plenty of things which many Nigerian Christians accept as something appropriate, just because their pastors tell them so. Maybe it is high-time for these things to be analyzed.

1) TB Joshua and a deadly collapse

TB Joshua’s SCOAN Church Building In Ikotun Lagos Nigeria
After a building belonging to one of the richest and most famous evangelist pastor in the world collapsed, there were several strange moments that need to be mentioned. More than 100 people died during the collapse of the two-storied building. The first suspicious moment was that the church prevented rescue groups from entering the territory. The second – people from South Africa who were in building and survived refused to say anything about the collapse. They only say that they will give no comments and that they are blessed to stay alive.

2) Weird behaviors of pastors

Pastor Lesego Daniel from South Africa instructed congregation members to eat grass so that they can “be closer to God”. Throngs of followers wound up vomiting.
Usually it is Muslim fanatics who are blamed for their anti-social behavior. But if we think about it, we will see that the extremism concerns not only the Islam. Think about mothers who bring all their money to the church while her kids are not having enough food and clothes. Or when children are not allowed to stay in hospital or to take some medicine, just because pastor said that the God had already cured them? When young girls are physically abused in a church for “being a witch”. Or when pastors make their people to eat grass or drink petrol? Or when poor believers hit the floor in their best clothes just to show that they are filled with glory?

3) Church becomes richer but people are not

David Oyedepo
The wealth of some pastors is worth more than $150 million. They fly with their private jets, build palaces, media holdings, TV-channels and others. And all this happens in a state where dozens of people die from malaria and flu just because of lack of appropriate resources and poor living conditions.

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