Abuja Bomb Blast Victims Allege Neglect by FG

Pres. Jonathan visiting Nyanya Bomb Victims in April 2014 Victims of various bomb blasts that took place in Abuja seven months ago, are alleging that the federal government has abandoned them.

The victims conducted a peaceful protest at Millennium Park Fountain in Abuja, where they expressed their frustrations.

Most of them sustained injuries in the respective attacks, including  the dual bomb blasts at Nyanya in April, the Emab Plaza in Wuse Zone II bombing, as well as others in Suleja, Niger State, and other areas in Abuja.

They stated that the government abandoned them in the hospitals where they were admitted, and did not assist them in paying their hospital bills during their treatment.

However, Secretary of Health and Human Services Secretariat of the FCTA, Ademola Onakomaiya has denied the allegations. She stated, “there is a mix up here. What they are asking for is not healthcare, but empowerment because if we had not treated them, they will not be able to come here.”

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