Actoress Chika Ike Shares Bath Tub Photo to celebrate her birthday

You have seen the pre-birthday vacation photos. Finally! the birthday is here, guys. 12 am November 8th 2014, Nollywood actress Chika Ike who turned 29 today started her big day with this photo of herself soaked in a luxurious foam bath tub and a gratitude letter which you will find very interesting, see her bath tub pic and her amazing letter below..

She captioned the picture, “I’m beyond grateful to God for yet another year. It’s been an amazing year, I’ve discovered a lot about myself that I never knew existed. I am most grateful to God for a loving family who never fails to support ,love and care for me even with my shortcomings (I know I can be a handful sometimes .LOL ) my friends , well wishers and to my wonderful fans who has been supportive through out the years. God bless you all. I lie here in my bath, soaking myself up,burning candles with a huge smile of gratitude on my face…..I wanted to add a glass of champagne to the mood but later changed my mind and decided to save it for later because I need to have a clear head to be in this thankful mood. Life has taught me to appreciate everything (the good and the bad) and live up every moment .Life has taught me to choose the path of happiness. Life has taught me express whatever emotions I feel . Life has taught me to be strong, kind,patient ,grateful and make each day count…..and I can go on and on and on….It’s my birthday!!!! YIPEEE!!! and I wish my father were here to give me a big ” happy birthday hug” and celebrate with me. I miss you daddy and I know you are celebrating with me today. …OK!!! It’s 12am and I need to catch some ” birthday sleep”. LOL. Good morning Fabs!❤”

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