Rotimi Amaechi- "There is no morality in governance. If you want to be moral, go to church"

The Governor of Rivers state Rotimi Amaechi was a guest on AIT's Focus Nigeria this morning where he talked about a lot of things including his reservations about President Jonathan... "I respect the president as a person. He is a gentle man, he is a good man but there is no morality in governance. There is no goodness in governance. If you want to be moral or want to be a good man, go to church.

 Right there when it comes to governance, its about the people. It is about delivering to the people. It is about competence. It is about your ability to perform. So when you look at the President and you say he is a gentle man, you should also look at somebody in terms of performance. But even those who say he is a good man, what about the fact that you can compare his government to Abacha's government. What is the difference? TAN singing everywhere one million man match, can you compare the two?" 

TAN, they are getting how many signatures? 17 million? They got 17million Nigerians to sign to vote. That's how they voted for governors forum. They say everybody sign for governor's forum. Sign to vote. Now if you compare this, compare again the use of the military under Abacha and how the President is using the military against citizens. Can you see the two? I say to people, if I were to be an adviser to the President, I would say watch, ...History, History and you should be careful" he said

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