Catholic Nun Gives Birth After Complaining of “Stomach Cramps” | Says She was Unaware of Pregnancy.

Confusion arose at a convent in Italy after a nun gave birth to a baby boy despite living in an all female community.
 The 31-year-old nun joined the Santa Chiara nunnery in San Severino, the nun is originally from South America, New York Post reports.
 Sources say many are puzzled about how she could have gotten pregnant despite taking vows of “chastity, obedience and poverty.”

On one occasion, she had complained of severe stomach cramps, and collapsed afterwards. Doctors arrived at the scene and the reason for her stomach discomfort became evident – she was going into labour.

She subsequently gave birth to a happy and healthy baby boy.

It is thought that she got pregnant while in her previous base and will raise the child at her nunnery.

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