How To Become A Member of Goldmine Resource Center From Anywhere You Are

Goldmine Resource Center  (Also Goldmine Liberty Concept Ltd) has relaunched a new platform in Nigeria. This is to help resolve some bottleneck formerly experienced in the old platform.

The new platform boast of more functionality and profitability with the modification of the compensation plan from "3x3 Matrix" to "3x4 Matrix" now offering members on Gold Fund Cooperative a whooping N2,500,000 on cycle out against the former N864,000 with the old system. 

This is sure a major breakthrough in trending home based businesses especially in Nigeria since it has no inventory (buying and selling of products) and tasking monthly auto-ship/ PV/BV etc whatever you want to call it. Goldmine Liberty is revolutionary platform where you can start small with as low as $25 (N4,000) and earn as much as $15,625 (N2,500,000) or more.

What is Goldmine Resource Center  (Also Goldmine Liberty Concept Ltd)?

About The Program

Goldmine Resource Center is mentoring center for empowering aspiring entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs that are passionately driven by desire to turn their vision of building world class business into reality.

Goldmine Resource Center is a mental and financial empowerment center that empowers members with relevant skills, knowledge and finances needed to start up a striving business.

Goldmine Resource Center mentors members using relevant training materials and tutorship. We use the law of synergy to turn little fund to great capital with the aim of helping members fund any project of his/her dream and attain to financial independence.

How can I become a member?

By registering under someone who is already a member and paying a contribution fee of $25 via International Perfect Money Payment Processor or its Naira equivalent (N4000) directly to the company's local bank account at any of the designated banks as listed below:

International Payment

Perfect Money: U8922826  | GOLDMINE LIBERTY LTD

Local Bank Deposit/Transfers

Bank: GTBANK PLC. | Account Name: GOLDMINE LIBERTY LTD | Account #: 0162048286
Bank: FBN PLC. | Account Name: GOLDMINE LIBERTY LTD | Account #: 2026841236
Bank: DIAMOND BANK PLC. | Account Name: GOLDMINE LIBERTY LTD | Account #: 0058407881

  • After payment proceed to the company website ( 
  • Click on Register at the right side of the menue 
  • Select the middle option (Do you have a referral? New Platform Account, Click Here …) 
  • Carefully fill out the registration form with your valid details. Note: At the *Mentor's Email Address field, enter
  • Ensure to fill in your payment details correctly especially the "Teller Number:" Click Register when done
  • Congratulations! Your account will be activted as soon as your payment is confirmed.

What are the Programs offered In Goldmine Resource Center?

There are three major packages in Goldmine Resource program. They are:
Fund Cooperative: In Goldmine we believe that greater effect is achieved when energies are synergized. This concept helps members to build up capital by pulling resources together to help each other build up a capital of over $200,000 within a short period of time. A member must have project he/she wishes to embark on that requires funding.

Fund cooperative program gives members a platform to meet likeminded people who will pull resources together to make their financial dreams a reality.

Mentoring Program: This program takes members from where they are to their dreamed financial destination. Goldmine Resource Center offers daily mentoring program to her members. Daily members are equipped with relevant information needed to start off a striving business.

We also have a resource center where members can get relevant materials, tutoring and attend seminars to help them prepare for an excellent business plan execution and management. Weekly training and webinars will be offered to members.

My Business and You: This is a special package of the company that helps to ensure and guarantee the success of members by helping them showcases their businesses to members within the platform and to the virtual community. Here business that started as a result of the program is advertise and publicized to the whole world, at little or no cost, members can advertise their products and services using this package.

How do members make and receive payment?

On each member backoffice has a menu were members' preferred payment option is inputed. Contributions is paid using members' stipulated payment option. You are to update your preferred payment option on your backoffice.

How do I Know when I am due for upgrade?

A notification will sent to your mail box and also it will be displayed on your personally site, you account will be also be blocked temporarily until you make a upgrade payment and your payment is acknowledged by your mentor.

 How do I perform an upgrade?

The new platform .perform Upgrades automatically when it is due.

 What are the benefits of this program?

  • Free Website
  • Only an initial payment of $25
  • No initial payment made to the platform
  • Free training materials
  • Have the opportunity of meeting likeminded people
  • Get free daily, weekly and monthly mentoring
  • Get funding for your business
  • Learn the ABC of growing a successful world class business
  • Have the opportunity to travel on holiday to different countries of the world
  • Participate in the leadership reward plan and receive thousands of dollars cash reward.
  • Own a brand new car as you climb the leadership ladder
  • Receive payment in your local currencies with payment means of your choice.
  • Make your business global by advertising on the platform
  • Enjoy weekly webinars and trainings
  •  Do members participate in the mentoring program?
  • Mentoring program is opened to all members of the program. Daily and weekly tips will be posted on the site. Training materials will also be available at the site. 3 e-books will be sent to members upon payment of membership/mentoring fee.
  • Members will also receive notifications for monthly training programs, seminars and events.

This programme is a very simple, unique designed for all level of personality seeking to raise funds or looking for a reliable opportunity to earn some cool cash to take care of the bills and have fun with family/ friends. Please if you are very interested in this program and would love to join us, kindly indicate and contact me on +234 (0) 8155612749, WhatsApp or email me at for further details on how to help you get started immediately without delays. As a members of my team you'll also enjoy one-on-one training and tips to help you grow your team quickly and start earning Big money within a short time.

You're Welcome to the Goldmine.

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