NCC shuts down APC's Presidential campaign SMS messages

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has shut down the Short Messaging Service (SMS) platform which the Buhari-Osinbajo Presidential Campaign Fundraising Committee launched two days ago to raise funds for its campaign.

Gov. Fashola, who is the the Director of the Committee, disclosed this to newsmen today. He said the party had on Tuesday January 20th launched 5 platforms for party members to donate to its campaign fund, one of which was to use the SMS code 35350 which would be activated on some networks.

He said immediately after the party announced the launch of the platforms, NCC issued a letter to telecoms operators “not to carry political messages” thereby shutting down the SMS platform. 

"It is with very deep sadness that I address you all today, because I never expected that I will witness in Nigeria some of the very distasteful and disgraceful conduct that the Federal Government, the PDP and the President have embarked upon, by way of repression of freedoms. I mentioned the commercial nature of the transactions we had with the businesses who were partnering with us and the benefits to the economy. I also stated very clearly that these businesses had no partisan relationship but are providing professional service. I said so, in order to protect their businesses because of the increasing intolerance we were witnessing from the Jonathan and PDP Presidential campaign and some Federal Government agencies that have taken a partisan position”, the Governor explained. 

Gov Fashola said the action of the NCC and by extension the PDP was a clear signal of dark clouds gathering over Nigeria "Dear compatriots, there are dark clouds gathering, but I remain optimistic that they will yield to a glorious dawn. The promise of Nigeria is greater than the ambition of one man or a political party" he said

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