RCCG PRAYER POINTS FOR 40--DAY FAST (02/01/15 -- 10/02/15)

1. Thank you Lord for all You have done in our lives, in our homes, in His Church, in our nation Nigeria. I Chron 16: 8-9
2. Thank you Lord for all Your Provisions to us as individuals, as families and as a church. Deut 8:10
3. Thank you Lord for our salvation and for our heavenly inheritance. Col 1:12
4. Thank you Lord for forgiving us our sins Ps 103: 3
5. Thank you Lord for divine health enjoyed throughout 2014. Ex 15: 26

6. Thank you Lord for delivering us from all forms of destruction in 2014. Psm 103: 4
7. Thank you Lord for all the good things you have satisfied me with in 2014. Ps 103: 5
8. Thank you Lord for not allowing us to be preys to our enemies. Ps 1 24: 6
9. Thank you Lord for causing us to escape all the traps the enemy set for us in 2014. Psm 1 24: 7
10. Thank you Lord for fighting all my battles for me in 2014. Ex 14: 14

1. Father God, please make this year a year of rest for me and my family in Jesus name. 1 Kings 5: 4, 2 Chron 14: 7
2. O Lord, in your mercy, release me from every judgment that I deserve in Jesus name. Ps 25: 7. Ps 94: 18; Ps 145:8
3. O Lord, in this year of release, please set me and my family free from every form of bondage --spiritual, physical, financial and emotional in Jesus name. Ex 2: 23,-25; Ex 20: 2; Is 1-: 27
4. Father God, please cancel all my debts supernaturally and let there be a transfer of the wealth of the heathen and the unrighteous into my storehouses in Jesus name. Dent 28: 12; Zech 14: 14: Is 61: 6-7
5. O Lord, let there be a restoration of all the assets -- land, property, investments, deposits that I have lost to creditors and fraudsters in Jesus name. 2 Kings 8:5-6: .Joel 2: 25-26
6. Father, God, let there be peace, unity, love and reconciliation in my family in the mighty name of Jesus. Ps 133:1 —3: Gen 11:6
7. Father, make this year a year of divine scholarship for me. Cause me to reap and to benefit from where I have not sowed or laboured in Jesus name. Dent 6:10-11
8. O Lord, please protect me from every destruction and calamity reserved for the disobedient this year in Jesus name. Job 31: 3; Ps 5 5:23
9. O Lord, please annul and set me free from every agreement or contract designed to short change me or frustrate me in Jesus name. Gen 3 1: 7—9
10. Every prison door and every ancient gate between me and my breakthrough be lifted up in Jesus name. . Ps 24: 7

1. O Lord, establish the Tabernacle of David as a place of true worship: bring men and women from all the nations of the earth to worship you and to hear and obey your Word. . Is 2: 2-3
2. Lord send us revival and let it start with me. Ps 51: 12-13
3. O Lord, bring back to life everything in us that is dead. Ps 85:6, Ezek 37: 9-10
4. Lord, let there be a fresh outpouring of your Spirit upon us in TODAY. Is 32: 15
5. O Lord, give us a fresh hunger for YOU. P 42: 1-2
6. Lord, cause us to increase numerically and spiritually; let us have a greater impact in our surrounding communities. Ex 1: 7
7. O Lord, let your signs and wonders be wrought continually in our midst and in all our house fellowships. Is 8:18
8. O Lord, please deliver all our members from every form of STAGNANCY: increase us on every side and cause US to move forward. Gen 26: 12—13
9. O Lord, let signs, wonders, healings and uncommon miracles be our portion throughout 2015 and beyond. Acts 5:12
10. O Lord, let there be accelerated promotion for all our career brethren and flourishing businesses for all our businessmen and businesswomen. Ps 75:6, Ex 12:36. Ps 35:27

1. Oh Lord, grant the RCCG Leadership (the General Overseer. Pastor E.A. Adeboye, the governing council, the Elders, the Provincial Pastors/Asst. Provincial Pastors/Pastors) wisdom and deep revelation in the knowledge of Him. Eph 1: 1 7-19: Phil 1:9-11
2. O Lord, please be a wall of fire around the RCCG Leadership and safeguard them against all forms of satanic attack. Lk 22:3 1: Zech 2:5
3. O Lord, we take authority against everything that the enemy would want to use to threaten the UNITY of RCCG. Ps 133:1-3
4. O Lord, in RCCG. give us pastors that will shepherd the flock with INTEGRITY of heart. Ps 78: 72
5. Father, let your FRESH ANOINTING be upon all our Pastors. Ps 23: 5b: Ps 92: 10
6. O Lord, we ask for WISDOM and UNDERSTANDING in the lives of all our parish/area/provincial pastors to lead the flock aright. Col 1 : 9—11
7. O Lord, let there be the full operation of the revelation, vocal, and power gifts in the lives of all RCCG Ministers. 1 Corin 12:6—10
8. O Lord, manifest your power and glory in all Holy Ghost Services, Conventions, Congress, Shiloh and Divine Encounter Programmes this year 2015. 2 Chron 5: 14: Acts 16:26
9. O Lord, let there be great expansion of your Kingdom through the parishes both in Nigeria and all nations of the earth. Mark 1: 28
10. O lord, let nothing bring your Name or the name of RCCG into disrepute. Matt 5: 13. Rom 2: 25

1. O lord, let our land Nigeria experience rest this year in Jesus name. 1 Kings 5: 4. 2 Chron 14:7
2. Father Lord, let your will be done in the forth--coming general elections. Give us leaders after your own will. Let your counsel alone stand. Matt.6: 10; Prov. 19:21
3. O Lord, give us God-fearing leadership at local government, state & federal levels. 1 Tim 2:2; Pro 29:2
4. O Lord, deliver Nigeria From all forms of violence and acts of terrorism. Isa 60: 18
5. O Lord, deliver Nigeria Irom every form of natural disasters. Psm 91: 1-10
6. Father, expose every form of corruption in our land and cause the nation to recover all that has been stolen through corrupt acts. Amos 5:11 Ezra 7: 26
7. O Lord, Revive all the dead sectors of our economy. Ezekiel 37:1--I 4
8. O Lord, cause Nigeria to be a debt-free nation. Deut. 1 5:6: Deut.28: 12
9. O Lord, deliver Nigeria from all from of financial waste. Isa 61: 4
10. Father, please restore Nigeria’s prominence as a leading economy in Africa.

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