SHOCKING NEWS: Angel Caught on Camera in Benin City

A Mother in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria caught in camera strange image in the sky with her phone. The mother who attended an Inter-house sport competition of Airforce Primary School located at the Shittu Alao Airforce Barracks at Oko Benin City captured the strange image looking like a giant being over the sky while trying to snap some photo shots of her children during the sports competition. 

The images captured was not noticed by herself on the day of the event until her husband was browsing through her phone to see the pictures of the children later discover the mighty human looking image appearing in the sky watching over the children... the second picture shows clearly that this is truly an angel and not just some strange images formed in the skies like will say... Please watch and see for yourself. 

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  1. God, or Jehovah, is real. He is a great, heavenly entity which all demons fear. Even though there are many demons, there are many angels. Angels are much stronger than demons and can easily overpower them. The angel in the picture could be a guardian angel who is watching over us.