Entertainment: How Long Are We Going To Be Slaves To DSTV?

For some time now, the social media has been heated up over DSTV planned review of tariff in the Nigerian market. This has become a major topic especially amongst victims ( I mean customers)... And here is Ecetera's latest article. He's calling out DSTV this time. Who agrees with him?
 I have decided to lend my voice to the call for sanctions against Dstv in Nigeria, despite the fact that I have been cautioned by a couple of entertainers that speaking up against the almighty cable network may result in the banning of my works on its network. 
 Yes, it is true that challenging these multinationals in Nigeria attracts sanctions especially for entertainers, but I have decided to speak up because I am one of the millions of Nigerians affected by any increment in subscription charges. Moreover, what’s the point of having my works on a platform that my fans can’t afford? 
 Every entertainer who’s chickened out of this campaign for his/her selfish interest should know that the continuous indifference of Dstv to our plights over the years is a slap on the face of every Nigerian, inclusive of the entertainers themselves. These are the same entertainers that have complained of being shortchanged by Dstv for many years. Nigerian movie producers have complained of receiving peanuts for their works on the same network. Nawa ooo! Should anyone be afraid to express his/her dissatisfaction with a product he/she is paying for? 
 Let’s make Dstv understand that it is licensed to do business in Nigeria for none other reasons than providing value and the value it delivers has to justify the price charged. Otherwise, we will be persuaded to look for alternatives or invent our own like the Alaba boys are doing. No business can leave out customer value and satisfaction for ever, not even a beast like Dstv.

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