Stunning New Photos of Blog Reader, VeeCee. It's her Birthday Too!

She's a very pretty lady and yesterday was her birthday! Please join me dearies and celebrate our very own blog baby, beauty queen Vee Cee. And by the wayyy, check out that top bae is rocking in the first photo. I literally screamed when I saw it. Thankkkssss VeeCee. TILB ROCKS!!

Vee sent in her pics yesterday but I didn't see your mail, love, till this morning cos I was at work. TILB Tony was making posts, not me. Forgive me for putting this up late.

Happy belated birthday to you. You shine like a star, that beauty will never wane! Where your mates treaded and couldn't continue, Vee, you will slay and soar as long as it is your heart desire. The great Lord that formed you in your beautiful mum's womb will be there ALWAYS to bring you to your expected end. Make merry my love, you are blessed, you are favoured, you are endowed. VeeCee hun, akanchawa bu so nke gi! Carry go!! lol. Thank you so much for that top.

See more pics and the mail V sent in after the cut.

Dearest Mrs. Laila,how are you and your family? hope all good...yeaaaaaah!!! Today(May 28) is my birthday and I feel so happy. I thank God for adding a year to my years on earth. Without God,I'm nothing!..My day won't be complete if I don't celebrate my birthday with TILB family(cos you guys are the best!),so I want you all to join me and thank God cos he's been so faithful to me...I pray for a better country without corruptions,killings,bombings,discrimination,hate and all other evils. May God bring peace,love,understanding,development success, and all the best things of life to our country Nigeria,so help us God,Amen!.. May God bless you all,TILB Rocks!!! *kisses* Vee Cee #Laila'sBlogBaby

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