A reply to Joy Oforka's Letter to Future Husband

Reply to Future Wife' (the world is not easy for any sexes) by George Nsima. Read below...
Dear Future Wife, I got your letter and was very compelled to reply. On the story of Rhoda, you should have realized by now that the world will always look for someone to blame! It is not a sex thing, it is a world thing! A woman insults a family relative and the husband is blamed for not telling her to respect his relatives or Governor Adams marriage to a beautiful lady and the world replies that he wooed her with money.

Rhoda as with many other ladies like her are the few examples that shows that ladies are the scapegoat. The recent case with Toke Makinwa says otherwise. Maje Ayida's instagram wall was and I believe is still flooding with insults. My sweetest future honey-bun, the funny truth that I hope you realize is that you have always had the upper hand!

If a man scolds a lady in 'civilized' public, the public defends the lady and calls the mans actions 'ungentlemanly' but if the tables are turned the man is ridiculed as a bum. I am not trying make an argument of who suffers more, the truth is 60% of domestic violence is suffered by women but the world talks about that a lot and forgets that there is a 40% being suffered by men too!

Yes, we will teach our kids that 'rights are not demanded' neither are wrongs justifiable on the basis of gender. We will also let them know that the world will always have something to say against you regardless of your sex. Please dear, I left my very serious hustle to reply this letter.

At the end of the day it all boils down to the understanding between the two individuals in the relationship. We can have better and I hope we have the best.

With kisses,
Your Future Husband

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  1. I am glad that people share their experiences with us.