Dele Momodu's lamentation memo and the hypocritical character of President Buhari's supporters: PDP Media Watchdog

Press statement from PDP Media Watchdog
The PDP Media Watchdog has described as hypocritical the recent memo purportedly written by Dele Momodu to President Muhammad Buhari in which he expressed his disappointment over the incompetent policies and programs of the government of APC in the last four weeks.
The political pressure group in a statement issued on Saturday, June 27, 2015 after the weekly meetings in Abuja once again reminded Nigerians of the non preparedness of President Muhammadu Buhari and the All Progressive Congress  to govern Nigeria.

The group stated that the submission from Dele Momodu is only a reflection of the general realization and dissatisfaction in the minds and heart of some major stakeholders in the APC of the mistake they made in making Buhari President of Nigeria.

"Like the popular saying, had I know always comes last. We read with pity the memo from Dele Momodu to President Buhari and it reminded us of what we have earlier said in one of our statements that the APC's broom stick voodoo did a lot of magic not only to non APC members in Nigeria but to even APC's hard core supporters" the group said.

The group said that Nigerians should expect more of such open lamentations from leaders and supporters of the APC and other king makers and advised the APC to quickly surrender the mandate given to them by the people.

"When we called on President Buhari to resign due to his honest complain that age will limit his progress as the President of Nigeria, we were called all sorts of names by the APC spokesman, Lai Mohammed. However, events in the last few days at the National Assembly and the content of Dele Momodu's memo is another subtle call by his own party chieftains to President Buhari to immediately surrender the mandate if he cannot deliver as promised.

Tunde Lawal
For: PDP Media Watchdog

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