Okocha Attacks Current State of Nigerian Football

But when Okocha says it...

The former Super Eagles captain while speaking to the FIFA Under-20 World Cup and the FIFA Women's World Cup complained about the poor performance of the Flying Eagles and Super Falcons.

He said: "We should first of all accept the fact that we are struggling at the moment. We need to sacrifice a few years and maybe go back to the grassroots and start from there. I don't think we will benefit from being stubborn about it, claiming that we are still what we used to be."

He continued saying, "We are paying the price for failing to invest in the grassroots. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. We just need to speak to ourselves and accept that we are no longer the football powerhouse that we used to be. We should put things in order. It's all about getting us involved. Showing interest and showing respect to some of us. If I may be a bit brutal, I think we are being neglected. As long as we don't appreciate what we've got, we will keep suffering. Except we want to go out there and get foreigners. If we want our people, we should get the right people."

What do you think about what Okocha is saying?

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