Tom Hanks' Son Chet Haze In Hot Water AGAIN — This Time For Allegedly Trashing A Hotel Room In England!

Say it ain't so!
On Monday, it was reported that the police in England are searching for a 24-year-old American man after he trashed a hotel room less than two weeks ago!
But in an interesting turn of events -- the supposed human wrecking ball is none other than Tom Hanks' son, Chet Haze!

Though the Oscar winner's son has yet to confirm the allegations, he did take to Instagram on Monday to send a NSFW message to his fans.
He shared:

Police have confirmed that on Friday, May 29 they were called after a guest caused approximately $1,834 worth of damage at the Arora International Hotel in Crawley, England. WHOA!
These troubling rumors, are merely a week after the aspiring rapper's controversy on IG where he defended his "right" to use the N-word.
Normally we'd brush off Chet's behavior as kids being kids -- but last year the 24-year-old admitted to his struggles with substance abuse. Oh no!
We can only hope that the up-and-comer is happy, healthy, and not involved with this scandal! We guess only time will tell.
What do you think?! Could this be Chet Haze's doing??
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[Image via Instagram.]

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