I am About to be Jailed Because of Her... Please Help!!!!

I work with an Architectural/construction firm and my boss is a woman who wields influence and power in the state as she's a permanent secretary in the ministry of lands and housing and a top member of the ruling political party.
 Recently her daughter came back from south Africa were she schools and we became close. most times she comes to the site I supervise cuz she also studies Architecture and her mum (who's my boss) wants her to gain practical knowledge in the field.
She's been making advances but I keep turning them down because I don't want any problem with her mum or my job,two Tuesday ago, I got a call from a guy whom I later discovered was her boyfriend and the guy kept threatening brimstone and fire unless I stay off his girl..
On Thursday of that same last week, I was in a neighboring state supervising a project when she arrived the site very late, infact I closed the site and was making payments when she came. I was surprised so i asked her why she came and at that late hour, she said her mum asked her to come and get the site report.I was confused because usually I go back with the site report duly compiled every weekend.
Well, to cut the long story short she didn't go back that night because it was late and we made out due to pressure I couldn't bear ( which was the mistake I made in the first place) and even took selfies the following day before she left. I didn't even give her the reports she came for because I had not even compiled it, so I told her to explain to her mum that I was going to call her myself. 
On Wednesday last week I got a call from the office to report back and that my site engineer should take over duties from me for now. When I arrived the office, I discovered from my colleagues that she has been declared missing and that madam suspects its me. 
Right now as I type this, she has been missing since Monday and my boss said that her boyfriend told her that she was last seen with me. and how the boyfriend got hold of the pics is what I don't know. 
I have been invited by the police for questioning on monday next week and my phones has been siezed... had to log in with my bothers phone to post this, I have never been to the police station before, what do I even tell them... 
I am scared because the police might want to use force on me since I am not from a wealthy background... 
I suspect it should be the boyfriend that's behind all these, but nobody is really saying anything because he's from a very very rich background..
Please help a brother....

          So guys, send in your advice, tnx.

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