#Ministerialnominee: Senate screens Adewole Isaac Folorunsho

The senate has screened ministerial nominee, Professor Adewole Isaac Folorunsho, the outgoing Vice chancellor of the University of Ibadan and a professor of gynecology and obstetrics.  

During his presentation, Professor Adewole said the declining fall in Education is as a result of under funding, dilapidated infrastructure and lack of motivation of staff. He said the ranking system used to rate universities in the world is usually not fair to Nigeria and Africa. 
On cultism in Universities, the university don said continuous education and awareness that cultism does not pay anyone is needed. He also said collaborative efforts between Universities in Nigeria will also help to address the social vice.

Professor Adewole said there is a potential epidemic of cancer in Nigeria. He said early detection and public education will help reduce the prevalence of cancer and that public health education about cancer must be seen as a collective issue.

While speaking on abortion, Profesor Adewole said he is pro-life. He said girls with unwanted pregnancies should be encouraged to keep their pregnancies and also cared for after they give birth to their babies.

He called for harmony in all facets of the Health sector. 

On how to reduce medical tourism, he said we need well equipped medical facilities in Nigeria. 

He said maternal and child mortality has been reduced by 50% in Nigeria and that the government can do more to reduce this.

On Ebola and the out break in Nigeria, he said good leadership, commitment and good funding helped to contain the virus. 

On the issue of brain drain, he said Nigeria has failed to tap on the potentials of many medical scholars. He said to reduce this, Nigeria needs to provide better living condition, functional health system and better remuneration.

He frowned at the privatization of primary health care. 

Professor Adewole said skills and certificates will guarantee a better life among youths. 

The University don said the NHIS is a fantastic scheme and more awareness for Nigerians to get enrolled in it should be created. 

He said Vice Chancellors must work for the courses in their schools to be accredited by the Nigeria University Commission.

Professor Adewole said the psyche of Nigerians, culture and subsidized payment plan has encouraged the habit of pregnant women having their babies in religious organization.  Professor Adewole called for better training in midwives.

On brain drain in students, that is students travelling to other countries, the university don said better Universities, Open Universities and skill acquisition center must be built. 
He was asked to take a bow and go.

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