Why Lamar Odom Would Never Accept Rob Kardashian’s Kidney

Rob Kardashian may be ready to donate one of his kidneys in order to save Lamar Odom's life, but the former basketball player "doesn't think he could ever take (Rob's) kidney." If something bad were to happen with Rob's surgery, Lamar would never be able to forgive himself and that would be the "end" of him according to HollywoodLife.

"First and foremost, Lamar loves Rob! Lam can't express how much love he has for his little brother. Words can't describe how overjoyed and gracious Lamar is after hearing that Rob wants to donate a kidney for him. That really touched Lam's heart. While it's the most generous offer anyone's ever given Lamar, he doesn't think he can take Rob's kidney," a source tells HollywoodLife.
We were shocked to hear Rob wanted to donate his kidney, but we think it's incredibly sweet. He obviously still cares a lot about his brother-in-law. However, despite his generous offer, Lamar won't accept it.
"He wouldn't want to put Rob and the rest of the Kardashian family through all that stress. If something were to go wrong with Rob's surgery, that would be the end of Lamar as we know it! He couldn't live with himself. He could never look Khloe or any of the Kardashian/Jenner women in the face. The buck stops with Lamar! He really feels he's brought a lot of unwanted energy, stress and negativity into the family and while Rob's gesture is beyond magical, Lamar doesn't think he could ever take his kidney," the source adds.

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