Banks to Demand BVN from Today

Deposit Money Banks will from today (Monday) begin to request for the Bank Verification Numbers from their customers before providing basic banking services.

This followed the Saturday expiration of the October 31, 2015 deadline set by the Central Bank of Nigeria for all bank customers to obtain their BVN.

As of Friday, the Nigeria Interbank Settlement System Plc, the organisation in charge of the BVN project, said 20.8 million customers had so far registered and obtained their BVN. While 24.2 million bank accounts have yet to be registered. I hope none of my readers are among these 24.2m?

You all have your BVNs, right?

If you don't though, it's nothing to worry about. You can still do it today, tomorrow just that you can't carry out any banking transactions, no matter the emergency you may have, until you register.

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