Check out How a 6ft 8in ‘lanky boy’ transformed himself into an unrecognisable muscle-bound ‘man mountain’ (Photos)

A man who spent his younger years as a lanky chap has revealed his transformation into a muscular giant.
Once skinny and 6ft 8in, Martyn Ford was just like any other young man with no interest in muscle mass.

But now he’s a tattooed and muscular beast – with a career in acting and weightlifting .
The towering dad from Minworth in the West Midlands is tipping the scales at 23st 3lb and it’s all muscle.
The owner of Better Bodz gym appears in the new The Undisputed 4 film alongside English martial arts actor, Scott Adkins.

Ford’s character is called Koshmar, meaning 'Nightmare'.
The motto of his gym – “Don’t wish for it, work for it” tells you a lot about how the physical force thinks.
Talking about his past skinny form, he wrote on Instagram: “We have all been there, no one accidentally grows muscle. However it often seems impossible to get good advice on how they did it!

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